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  1. 对新产品进行现场安装 、调试 ,并对用户进行现场指导 ;
  2. 对用户的报修 ,能及时上门为用户解决问题 ;
  3. 定期上门对产品进行保养、维护
  4. 通过各种渠道采集用户反馈信,整理分类 ,改进产品 ,以满足客户需求。


  1. 在产品的整个生命周期 ,欣誉公司售后服务工程师会不断电话或定期实地访问用户 ,提出维护 、使用 、保养方面的建议 ;
  2. 为便于维修人员在最短的时间内为用户解决问题 ,欣誉公司已在全国范围内建立地区服务点,以确保在需要时及时到达用户现场 。


  1. 在空调产品质量保证期内(产品保证期为购买日起计算为1年) ,实行无偿服务 ;超过质量保证期后 ,实行低价有偿服务。
  2. 机柜产品质保期限,欣誉机箱.柜.台送达指定地点后 ,如有质量问题,客户可于15天内以书面形式通知本公司 ,逾期视为验收合格。货物送达90天内 ,如出现下列情况可获免费服务 ;1.(箱.柜.台.)体表面涂装出现大面积脱落 ;2.电镀件严重生锈 ,焊接位置虚焊并有脱落隐患。一旦您选择了欣誉产品,我们将为您提供高效 、快速的服务 ,从而达到您的满意 。
  3. 机柜产品对客户的各种服务要求,保证在24小时内做出响应 。如确系本公司责任 ,本公司将免费为客户解决问题 ;如系客户原因造成或自然灾害损伤 ,在双方达成共识后 ,本公司将妥善解决至客户满意 。

Pre-sale service:
Service items:

  1. Conduct site installation and debugging of new product, and provide the guidance to the user.
  2. Solve the problem for the user timely if problems arise.
  3. Visit the customers on a regular basis for maintenance.
  4. Collect user feedback through various channels, classify and improve the products so that they can meet customers’ demand.

Service methods:
1.  In the life of the product, after-sales service engineers will continue to call or personally visit the users on a regular basis, put forward the advice as to maintenance,usage;
2.  For ease of maintenance personnel in the shortest possible time for the user to solve the problem, our company has established regional service point across the country,  to ensure timely service if it is needed.
三 、Service policies:

  1. In air conditioning product warranty (the product guarantee period is counted from the date of purchased 1 year) , the service is free;After the quality guaranteed period, the service is low charged.
  2. Within the cabinet product warranty period,when equipments arrive the specified location,if there is any quality problem, the client may notify the company in written form within 15 days.Beyond the time limit is considered as qualified.Within 90 days of delivery of goods, the following situations can get service free of charge:First,the surface coating of the equipment appear a large of dropping,second,electroplate product rust seriously,welding position has a false welding and hidden trouble of the equipment surface. Once you choose our products, we will provide you with efficient, fast service, so as to achieve your satisfaction.
  3. We guarantee to respond within 24 hours as for customers’ service requirements,.If it is our responsibility, our company will solve the problem for free.If the damages are caused by the customer or natural disasters, after the two sides reach a consensus, the company will properly handle to customers’ satisfaction.

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