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新澳门金沙官方网址以电气设备成套为主 ,在工业自动化控制领域从事工程设计产品研发技术服务和工业自动产品销售等业务 。并承接各类工程项目以及项目改造的电气高新技术企业 。   随着时代的发展 ,公司时刻关注着自动化领域的新产品和新技术并予以把握和运用 ,与时俱进 ,始终成以先进的理念和成熟完善的技术和丰富的工程经验 ,将传动配电PLG控制和上位监控等熔为一体,形成了自己的电气成套技术 ,在生产中严格执行ISO9001质量体系标准。公司采用合作开发和项目承接等多种方式为客户提供过程控制和信息技术应用等全面的解决 。
我们拥有一支稳定性强素质高科技的技术 ,团队和售后服务体系在创新、协作 、竞争 、敬业 ,企业文化引导下 ,善于学习 、敢于创新 、勇于实践,使欣誉电气在发展高科技 、实现产业化走可持续发展的道路上始终保持着旺盛的生命力 。
我们坚信服务质量和技术实力是公司的命脉 ,优质的服务以及先进 、雄厚的技术实力必将是我们公司核心的竞争力 ,它将是我们行业的领头军 ,立足上海 ,面向全国 ,放眼世界 !
公司全体员工对前景充满信心,我们在奋斗中努力 ,在竞争中取胜 ,使欣誉公司本身成为一流的电气高新技术企业。

Shanghai xinyu Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd is a company in the industrial automation field which engages in business of Engineering design of product research and development technical services and industrial automatic product sales ,etc,and undertaking various projects and project reconstruction of electrical high-tech enterprises. Its major products include cabinet ,Imitation Rittal cabinets ,stainless steel cabinet ,operation consoles, outdoor box, solar return tank, sheet metal,etc.
Along with the development of the times, our company focuses on new products and technologies in the field of automation ,grasp and its usage. To keep pace with the times,our company always follows advanced concept and sophisticated technology and possesses rich experience in engineering,which will drive distribution PLG control and upper monitor  melt into an organic whole, forming our own electrical complete sets of technology.Our company strictly enforces the ISO9001 quality system standards in the production. Company adopts cooperative development and projects to undertake a variety of ways, such as process control and application of information technology to provide clients with comprehensive solutions.
We have a strong quality stability of high-tech technology, team and after-sales service system in innovation, collaboration, competition, dedication, corporate culture.We are good at learning, creating and practicing, making our company in the development of high-tech and realizing industrialization path of sustainable development which has always maintained a strong vitality.
We firmly believe that quality of service and the technical strength is the lifeblood of the company.The high quality service and advanced, strong technical strength will be bound to our company's core competitiveness which will be our industry leading, based in Shanghai city, facing the whole country and around the world!
All our staff have confidence in future, our efforts in the struggle is aimed to win in the competition, making our company itself become a first-class electrical high-tech enterprises.

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